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A fun and exciting night out on the town with friends and family can be had by renting a party bus. It’s possible that you’re participating for your college-bound child or joining colleagues from your place of employment. This can be for a class reunion occasionally, or you might just want to hang out with your buddies and have fun. A party bus can accommodate a sizable group of passengers. 

Making plans with your friends for a night out? Or a sizable birthday party? Or simply have a blast at a party? A party bus would be the ideal solution for these requirements, and here’s why! Renting a party bus is a common and secure option to continue the celebration while travelling to your destination. 

These party buses can be really opulent and a wonderful way to complete your perfect night. No one has to be the designated driver, and the fun doesn’t have to stop while you’re in the way when you take your full group of friends. Additionally, some party buses come with a dance pole. However, there are a few factors to take into account when estimating the total cost of renting a party bus.

How Party Bus Costs are Calculated? 

Time is the primary cost determinant when renting a party bus. For renting a party bus for 5 hours, the majority of rental providers give a set rate. There is a 4-hour minimum on weekends. The cost there is determined by the hour. Speak with us and let us see what we can do for you if you only need something for an hour.

The majority of businesses provide party bus rentals, complete with vehicle preparation and cleaning. This can assist you in customising the experience to your celebration, including the decorations and flowers you desire. Nevertheless, depending on what you bring on board, there can be an additional fee. A stocked alcoholic bar may be included in this fee and gratuity by some party bus companies, so make sure you inquire.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Party Bus?

Party bus rental rates typically range from $695 to $1,050 for a four-hour period, with an extra hourly fee of $100 to $300. However, charges can change according on the city or the time of year you are renting. Another important consideration is size. To receive a quote for your trip, contact one of our consultants at 617-607-3441 or fill out the form below.

  • On party buses, there is a four-hour minimum.

  • Additional hours come at a cost.

  • If you drive more than 100 miles, they are otherwise charged per hour.

  • A driver may only legally drive for a total of 10 hours per week and spend a total of 15 minutes each day on the job. 8 to 10 hours make up a full day or night.

  • If you had a good experience, we encourage you to tip your driver. We think it is improper for certain other businesses to request gratuities up front. It takes work to earn tips. We can add it if it’s a business event at your choice.

  • Prices and availability are significantly impacted by weather, special occasions, holidays, and busy times.

How to Get a Better Deal While Renting a Party Bus?


Estimates for party buses’ prices vary on a variety of variables. Location is one of the most crucial considerations when figuring out how much it will cost to book a party bus. For instance, renting a party bus in Boston could be a bit pricey (especially on the weekends). Even then, though, you can plan your journey in advance by avoiding weekends, picking the correct bus size, and making some financial savings. Give us a call at 617-607-3441, and one of our reservation specialists will assist you in finding the lowest rate.

Trip Date

Booking at the last minute can increase your cost, as it does with most things. There might be a finite supply. We advise scheduling your bus 8 weeks in advance, but if it’s a busy period or a holiday, try scheduling it 4-6 months in advance. While cancellations are always possible, last-minute reservations can be highly expensive.


When selecting a party bus, there are numerous possibilities. Three sizes of party buses are available: large, regular, and tiny. Approximately 14–16 people can fit on a party bus of a lesser capacity. Around 20 to 30 people can fit in a party bus of average size. A larger party bus, which can hold between 36 and 50 people, may be a better alternative if you have a larger gathering. Large and regular party buses frequently have a service bar with insulated coolers. There are numerous interior lighting colours in every party bus. If you require alcohol beverages, make sure to request them since they can be given upon request and may affect the cost.


The benefit of hiring a party bus is that you are not limited to using regular transportation. On the journey to your destination, you can have a lot of fun. Power outlets, AM/FM/CD/DVD/TVs, Bluetooth-enabled stereo systems, laser and strobe lights, customizable lighting, an integrated bar with a cooler, alcoholic beverages (upon request), a dance pole, complimentary ice and bottled water, napkins, cups, and a bathroom are among the features you might find on a party bus. Each company will have its own unique features. Most party bus rental businesses will let you decorate the bus with balloons or flowers as well, however there can be an extra charge for this. Additionally, make careful to confirm with the particular organisation what is or isn’t permitted.

Peak Hours

Large-scale events like festivals, sporting competitions, and public holidays will have higher demand and fewer availability. The majority of party bus rental services are accessible throughout the summer. By making reservations in the winter or scheduling your event away from holidays, try to avoid busy seasons. If not, the cost can increase as a result of less supply.! We advise booking your party bus rental at least 8 weeks in advance in order to possibly get the greatest deal and availability.


Back to the party bus, which is currently the centre of interest. Using a party bus is one of the greatest methods to provide you and your friends an exciting tour of the city in Massachusetts. Not just any party bus, though. We’re talking about a fully equipped, party-ready car that maintains the flow. At Boston Party Bus Live we offer top-notch party buses for the best in luxury and fun. Step inside a one-of-a-kind building on wheels with features and decorations that are sure to spark the party. You can be sure that you will have the ride of a lifetime because our party buses are furnished with everything required for a complete celebration.

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